Register an account is an investment art gallery. Registration in the system is free, registration takes less than a minute. A very important feature, there is no commission in the system. After registering I advise you to confirm your Email - this is how you will get identification from the system.

Select the box or boxes you want to buy. Initially you get 5 quid on your wallet. If you enter the system from the affiliate account you will receive 5 quid more. The link is in the description. Read the terms of service and press "Next". Pay your account in Bitcoins or Ether. (To do this, go to your wallet, copy the wallet number and amount), pay and press that you are not a robot and "I Paid". Here is an important point (Make a screenshot of the transfer to speed up confirmation) Here we upload a screenshot and send it (This point is optional, but I advise you to do it) And wait for confirmation. It usually takes a few minutes) In a personal account, we see our token. So that the system is not abused. We can only use one token the first time. Once we get confirmation, we can add more tokens. Waiting fot confirmation. After confirmation we can upload our NFT here.

Cell editing.

Upload your picture or select on the marketplace.

You can change your password by going to Profile - Edit profile - Specify old password - Specify new password. Here you can also change the name and specify the details of the Bitcoin & Etherium wallet. (Recommended to do)

Affiliate Program

For partners

We go to "My Account", click on "Referal Program", copy the link and send it. The status can be seen at the bottom of the page, it's very simple. Link can be sent, it is valid at the sender for 30 days. If he doesn't register right away, that's OK. He can do it later. The cashback commission is 20%, accordingly, the minimum box amount is $100 at the time of recording the video. Accordingly, your earnings on this program will be at least $20, which you can immediately withdraw from the system.


About is an investment art gallery. What happens, if you combine in one place bank lockers + art gallery + NFT picture + investment platform - right Here you can upload your token to the site of your choice, or choose from our collection in your account. As the system has a limited number of cells, only 1000 by 1000 tokens. With a minimum size of 10 by 10 tokens. The price of each cell increases with each subsequent sale. When all the cells are filled, the entire canvas, the entire painting will be auctioned off and will be positioned as one of the most expensive paintings in the NFT with authors all over the world. And after the sale, the amount will be distributed to the cell owners in a pro-rata ratio.

The Whitepaper provides comprehensive information regarding It shows details and progression regarding the development, creative, and consulting teams. The Whitepaper helps users keep up with the further development of, giving them a faster and more accurate understanding of every step of the art galery development. Notices and Disclaimer: team will constantly update the Whitepaper, all of the objectives changes are in an effort to enhance program quality and sustainability.


Vision was established in 2022, and we are honored to create products that can bring joy to players all over the world. We believe that contemporary art and NFT is an essential part of our life. Through art , we can discover our another side underneath which might be otherwise undiscovered in reality.


The ultimate goal of is not only create and fill the whole picture, but also become a platform where you can share and show your NFT picture to the whole world.. These components will create a sustainable ecosystem that combines , user resources, and ultimately forms a complete, metaverse platform.

Our Team

We are a bunch of NFT enthusiasts and obsessive art artists who have created several amazing project with our partners. After participating in several projects,, gained reliable and stable tech-development and superior operation capabilities.

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Georgi Selmidis

Founder & CEO.

Our Greatest Minds

Meet our team. We are constantly developing and will be glad to see you in our ranks.

Georgi Selmidis
Founder & CEO
Back-end Developer
Vanya Madatov
Front end developer
Andrew Fed
PR & Head of Marketing dep.
Bogdan S.
Copyrighter & Community Manager
Motion Design

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